# 1 (1), DECEMBER 2017

Wang Anlang. The subject of infantilism in Chinese media(PDF Russian language)

Abstract: Infantile are people who are not capable of responsibility. They do not seek to learn, they do not work. Constant idleness became the way of their life.
This tendency is especially widespread among young people. According to 2009 statistics, in China, among university graduates, about 16.51 million people are considered infantile. As demographic growth, economic development and commodity prices increase, the phenomenon of infantilism is becoming widespread in China. There are economic and political reasons for this.

Klusova Y. Media-coverage of ethnoconfessional conflicts in Sudan (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: Ethno-confessional conflict is one of the most difficult types of social conflict from the point of view of media coverage. At the same time, modern history — the Arab — Israeli conflict, conflicts in the Balkans and the Caucasus — proves that the problem of coverage of such an ambiguous and complex phenomenon is extremely urgent these days. Journalists face a difficult task in this situation: it is important not to harm, not to instill a sense of panic in society and not to aggravate the situation, on  the one hand, and on the other hand, it is necessary to try to maintain the objectivity of the approach and convey all necessary information to the a udience.

Chapko D. Scandinavian model of the modern press (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: The relevance of the research is due to the fact that modern technologies are
increasingly being predicted to win over traditional media: it is assumed that Internet publications will supersede the print media from the mass media market. More and more popular are mobile applications that allow readers not to carry newspapers and magazines with them, but to study content from the screen of a portable smartphone. Convenience is not the only thing that bribes the audience with new media. They also allow the user to independently create content and participate in its distribution. The printing press has learned not only to fight these trends, but also to use them for their
own good, so do not hurry to take positions.

Podpletko K. The «Women’s Question» in «Al-Jazeera» (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: Аlong with many political and social issues, one can not but highlight the so — called «women’s issue» in the list of key issues, that is, the problem of determining the place of women in the modern Islamic world in general, as well as in the activities of such a large Arab media as «Al Jazeera» in particular. Empirical experience and access to numerous publications will be enough to understand: in the Islamic world, the gender perspective in the last decade is much more acute and irrecon cilable than in the Western countries.

Liu Litong. Features of coverage of international events in the regional press of China (PDF Russian language)

The regional press of the People’s Republic of China highlights the events of the region, and is a source of information about current international events.
Compared to the state press, the regional press is less ideologized and it is possible to find critical materials in it. It is believed that in China, the media is mainly under state control. It is carried out by the central government and regional authorities. In contrast to the central (Beijing) media, the regional press to some extent has more freedom of speech. But in covering international events, the regional press often does not correctly convey information. Hence, attention should be paid to the peculiarities of coverage of current international events in the PRC regional press.

Myalkina (Sayapina) M. «Arab Spring» in Spanish media (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: The events of the Arab Spring shocked the whole world in 2011.
It is the fact that five years have passed since then, it allows us to gather enough information to analyze those revolutions and assess their consequences for both the participating countries and the whole world. This paper provides a detailed analysis of how the events of late 2010 and early 2012 were reflected in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Algeria in the media of Spain, a European country that is territorially located near the North of the African continent. The topic is as relevant as ever for study, since there have been very few such studies in our country. This work is an excellent opportunity to compile already conducted disparate studies with new discoveries and structured formulation of conclusions regarding the attitude of Spain to every thing that happened in the mutinous Arab countries.

Popova V. Theme of migrants in British press (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: The topic of migrants has always been central to the media in central Europe, in the UK this issue rises slightly less, although the number of problems associated with this topic is growing every year.
The relevance of the study is due to the growing media attention to the problems of migrants in the UK, clashes of interests of different social and ethnic groups, caused by their unprecedented diversity. Many print and online publications of a wide profile, such as The Telegraph UK, often publish materials on the situation of migrants. In addition, a significant proportion of British migrants are immigrants from Russia. Often legislation in this sphere is transformed under the influence of rapidly changing conditions, in this regard, a large proportion of the materials are prepared by British journalists about international organizations that protect the rights of migrants and their activities.

Dolgoborodova S., Ilenko Y, Koryhalova P., Stasishina Y. Content-analysis of Balkanalysis.com (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: Balkanalysis.com was created in 2003. Its goal is to provide independent news and analysis of internation al events. The materials are based on unique stories and interviews that are available only on this resource. Since the inception of the site, the creators have expanded the scope. In the process of resource development, a large number of people participated: regional enthusiasts and local citizens, including top managers, business leaders and security personnel in many countries.

Piskun G.  State strategies of mediasphere digitalization: «DIGITAL BRITAIN» (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: As part of this work, the UK government program «Digital Britain» (Digital Britain) was investigated as the main government strategy for the transition of the media to digital format, as well as the digitalization process itself.
The relevance of the research is due to the wide influence of digital technologies not only on modern society in general and the media in particular, but also on the continuous development of these technologies. The aim of the work is to analyze the digitalization process using the example of the state project Digital Britain. In connection with the goal, the following tasks were formulated:
1. Describe the process of digitalization in the media and other areas on the
example of the UK national project Digital Britain;
2. Analyze the purpose and objectives of Digital Britain;
3. To study the consequences of the digital transition for the media, both positive
and negative on the media;
4. Identify new trends in the development of the media as a result of the digital transition;
In conclusion, it was concluded that the changes that occurred in the media sphere were natural and nonrandom. And Britain could not pass by this important aspect.
In this connection, the «Digital Britain» project was created. Of course, digitalization, like any other phenomenon, has its positive and negative sides. However, the digitalization of the media at the moment is an inevitable process and a key moment in understanding the development not only of the media segment, but of the society itself.

# 1 (2), JANUARY 2018

Kiyamova Karina     Political Discourse in Sports Media in Russia and the UK (PDF Russian language)

The choice of the topic was due to the fact that today in journalistic materials on the sports theme there are still elements of politics and political journalism.
The relevance of the study is due to a number of circumstances. In the modern world, the sport image of the state greatly influences the image of the whole country. It reflects the successes of the state in all spheres of life. This encourages governments to actively draw the attention of citizens and the world public to the victories of their country.
Thus, the country’s sporting achievements are also used for manipulative purposes. Coverage of sports in the media helps to distract people from the problems of the state in other spheres of life and, thanks to the country’s successes in the sports sphere of life, create people’s sense of pride and involvement in the successes of their country. Therefore, the sports press not only covers the results of sports competitions, it considers sports in conjunction with other spheres of life, a nd sports discourse, as a rule, sounds along with political discourse. The results of this work were announced in 2011.

Sedeleva Natalya      Maori media in the New Zealand media system (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: Today one of the main problems of New Zealand is cultural and language decline of its indigenous ethnic group – Māori people. The leading role in its resolution
is given to  the indigenous media whose content is created by the members of Māori, in accordance with their cultural traditions and values. With globalization and the development of digital technology, the number of such media (both traditional and alternative forms) is growing every day. Features of New Zealand’s indigenous journalism have studied in sufficient detail by Australian and New Zealand scientists for the six — year period 2000-2005. However, these studies pay little attention to the efficiency, as well as the transformation of the journalism in relation to the realities of the modern world, which explains the actuality of this study.

Novoseltseva Angela   Mediation of the Syrian conflict: «The Washington Post» (PDF Russian language)

Abstract. The mediatization of international armed conflicts today is an integral part of geopolitics. The resonant event was the Syrian conflict – a local civil confrontation complicated by the involvement of international organizations, world powers, military-
political and extremist groups.

Che Mintszyan   The entry of Soviet troops into Czechoslovakia and the student movement of the West  (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: From the middle XX century view of historical events occurring simultaneously in different countries or a single country, becoming a new direction of interdisciplinary research (history, culture, political economy, etc.), and has broad prospects. This work is an analysis events of the Soviet Union in Czechoslovakia and the consequences of this event, but western development student movement . The article analyzes the event of world history. 1960-70-s. In the Russian historical, about the causes of cold war, research events of entry of Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia took an important place. While the attention of Western researchers attracted the study of the role of the student movement. Precisely events «Prague Spring» by shook China to establish diplomatic relations with the United States. This aper may be useful for researching the problem. development of Europe, historical science of Russia, as well as for research «cold war» as a phenomenon.

Zhelbunov Edmund    Modern Sports Broadcasting: The US Experience (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: From the point of view of representatives of the American television broadcasting, the situation looks similar: “Without the support of television, no one, even a very rich person in the United States would not risk to buy a new team, organize a major competition or even build a stadium,” sports journalist William Johnson said. TV executives have a similar opinion: “So many sports organizations build their budget around television revenues […] that if we ever take the money, the whole structure will collapse,” asserts ABC News President R. Arledzh.

 Garnina Natalia    Swedish media and the «women’s issue» in «Svenska Dagblet» and «Dagens Nyheter» (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: Swedish media in general, and the Swedish press in particular, of course, does not disregard the women’s issue as one of the most important elements of the society, as well as the problem of violence against women as one of the toppriorities for the solution. And it is the analysis of publications on this subject in the largest Swedish newspapers that will allow us to see the real reflection of the problem through the opinions of authoritative persons, the statistics offered by newspapers, the discussion of political and public figures, the form of submission of materials and the frequency of publications on the topic of our study, as well as the phenomenon of female crime and the attitude of the media towards it.

 Yana Osipova  IMAGE OF RUSSIA ON THE PAGES «THE WASHINGTON POST» (2009-2012) (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: The subject of the study are publications concerning the Russian Federation in the qualitative press of the United States, the District of Columbia.
The publication examines the publications of the period of Barack Obama’s presidency (from January 2009 to May 2012). It was at this time in the US-Russia relationship that a «reset» took place, 222 publications were reviewed for the period from 2009 to May 2012. All publications covering the activities of Russia were analyzed, except for those that only mentioned Russia or included the country in a series of transfers.

Lai Lynley Criminal law regulation of environmental protection in China (PDF Chinese)

Abstract: Serious environmental problems and rampant environmental crime make criminal law protection of environment is particularly important. China’s criminal law protectionof environment has begun from the establishing of new China, and modern environmental criminal law has quickly developed after the two periods of exploration and establishment, reforming from the inception of the new China. The 1997 Penal Code defined the environmental criminal law as a separate section, which demonstrated the recognition of the legislator or the public about the status of environmental criminal law.
At present, China’s criminal law protection of environment management still exists a lot of problems, this paper analyzes the main problems of the criminal law protection of environment in China, including the guidance of ethical values, the system of causation, the case of causality,criminal punishment and environmental crime Transfer obstacles and so on, which on the basis of introducing the general situation and necessity of criminal law protection of environment.

Tatyana Lukyanova  UGC and journalism in the Guardian edition (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: The Guardian is one of the UK’s national daily newspapers. The newspaper was founded in 1821 and until 1959 was called The Manchester Guardian. In 1999, the publication appeared on the Internet. The site guardian.co.uk, which has the unofficial name of Guardian Unlimited, contains all the materials of the printed edition, original content, and also provides a number of services for users: Dating, Jobs, Offers.

Jiajin Ou The image of a Chinese migrant in the Russian media (PDF Russian language)

Strengthening migration flows from China to Russia has actualized the problem of intercultural communication between China and Russia, the problems of migrants’ adaptation to the host country and its migrants. Undoubtedly, its formation largely depends on the mutual social and cultural representations that develop in the process of intercultural communication, the character of which is set, first of all, by the mood of the host party.

Gievskaya Natalia  Ratings of media freedom of «Reporters without Borders» and «Freedom House» in US media publications (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: Freedom of speech is a basic civil right. However, freedom of speech is an abstract concept. You cannot see or touch it, as well as measure it with any device. In spite of this, the need for such a dimension has existed since another abstract concept appeared — democracy, one of the most important components of which is, among other things, freedom of speech. In turn, the right of citizens to freedom of speech cannot be ensured by proprietary media.

Ekaterina Bazdyreva   Cross-cultural relations of Turkey with the regions of Asia and Europe (PDF Russian language)

Abstract: The urgency of the research topic is determined by the internal political situation that is developing in the territory of modern Turkey. The state, which has a certain status due to a special geographical and geopolitical position, once again faces a choice of the further development path. The country, which positions itself on the world stage as a link between the regions of the East and the West today, at the end of two hundred years of Westernization, once again puts forward the thesis of the sacred foundations of the life of society — the spiritual values of Islam. The situation is complicated by the fact that over the past decade, phenomena around the world (extremism, terrorism, Islamophobia), which in the consciousness of modern society are connected with the internal problems of Islam, have become widespread.


# 2 (3), marсh 2018