# 1 (1), DECEMBER 2017

Wang Anlang. The subject of infantilism in Chinese media 

Klusova Y. Media-coverage of ethnoconfessional conflicts in Sudan 

Chapko D. Scandinavian model of the modern press 

Podpletko K. The «Women’s Question» in «Al-Jazeera» 

Liu Litong. Features of coverage of international events in the regional press of China

Myalkina (Sayapina) M. «Arab Spring» in Spanish media 

Popova V. Theme of migrants in British press 

Dolgoborodova S., Ilenko Y, Koryhalova P., Stasishina Y. Content-analysis of Balkanalysis.com 

Piskun G.  State strategies of mediasphere digitalization: «DIGITAL BRITAIN» 


# 1 (2), JANUARY 2018

Kiyamova Karina     Political Discourse in Sports Media in Russia and the UK

Sedeleva Natalya      Maori media in the New Zealand media system

Novoseltseva Angela   Mediation of the Syrian conflict: «The Washington Post»

Che Mintszyan   The entry of Soviet troops into Czechoslovakia and the student movement of the West

Zhelbunov Edmund    Modern Sports Broadcasting: The US Experience

 Garnina Natalia    Swedish media and the «women’s issue» in «Svenska Dagblet» and «Dagens Nyheter»


Lai Lynley Criminal law regulation of environmental protection in China

Tatyana Lukyanova  UGC and journalism in the Guardian edition

Jiajin Ou The image of a Chinese migrant in the Russian media

Gievskaya Natalia  Ratings of media freedom of «Reporters without Borders» and «Freedom House» in US media publications

Ekaterina Bazdyreva   Cross-cultural relations of Turkey with the regions of Asia and Europe